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Henderson Co - State Champions

Congratulations to Henderson Co for winning the 2024 State Championship!

KSCA All State Teams Announced

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Kentucky Prep Softball East West All Stars - June 21-23

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May 29 - Ballots have been sent to KSCA coaches.  The deadline is Monday, June 3 by 11:59 pm.  The All State Team will be announced following the conclusion of the State Tournament (usually the same day or the following day).  All Academic Team will be posted soon.

Membership Closed for 2024

April 28, 2024 - We will be emaiing member coaches information about All Academic, All State nominations, and East West nominations in the next 3 weeks.

Preseason Top Teams and Players by Region 2024

Preseason Top Teams and Player as voted by the coaches

Player Awards, Honors, and Selection Information

We have 3 different recognitions for Player and Coach Awards, Recognitions, and Selection.  KSCA Member Coaches will be emailed information about the following.  Nomination forms and ballots will be emailed.  Any information that changes (below) will be updated as the information is available.

All Academic State Team - Open to Juniors and Seniors on the Varsity Team from KSCA Member Schools - Submissions will open around the first week of April.

Coaches will use the players' cumulative weighted GPAs through the Fall Semester.  The names will be posted on the KSCA website.  We do not provide an award or certificate.  Each individual team may provide player awards if the choose. 

All State - Open to all Varsity Players from KSCA Member Schools - Coaches will nominate players from their own teams (nominations begin around the first part of May). Ballots are emailed to all KSCA Head Coaches the 2nd-3rd week of May. 

The All State Team is announced following the conclusion of the State Tournament.

Kentucky Prep East West All Star Series - This is open to juniors and seniors from KSCA member schools.  Nominations will begin around the first part of May.  The All Star Teams will be selected around the 2nd-3rd Week of May by a selection committee.